Changing teaching through innovation

Empowering teachers and parents to help kids learn

ZooWhiz gives parents and teachers unparalleled capacity to create, deliver and review targeted learning activities for children one-by-one and for class groups. It’s packed with innovative features not seen in other online learning systems and puts you in control.

Innovative features that put you in control

The advanced capabilities of ZooWhiz make possible the previously unimaginable. It is both easy to use and incredibly powerful and it’s all to help you boost kids learning.

Unprecedented power and flexibility

ZooWhiz now has unprecedented teaching and reporting power! Choose activities from a range of Education Structures to create Content Selections and view reports using the one-to-one correlations between with the outcomes used in your local curricula.

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Educational Matters

The Educational content in ZooWhiz is highly targeted with each activity created with a specific outcome in mind. There is no pointless repetition. All is learning focused!

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