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Learning is so much fun with ZooWhiz!
This is how it works:

1. Choose one of the cool avatars and create a free Keeper Account

2. Sign in and enter the world of ZooWhiz!

3. Then choose from the following:

In Learn & Earn you complete educational activities and earn coins and build your Educational Score. You can spend the coins purchasing animals or having fun in the Arcade. In Milestones you can see all kinds of reports that show you how your learning is progressing. In Biodome you spend some of the coins you have earnt to build your own zoo. There are hundreds of cool animals from which to choose. In the Arcade you spend some of the coins you have earnt playing a range of cool games. Some games teach you more and some are just for fun!

4. The Dock at the bottom of your screen continuously updates to show your progress

5. Play as a limited Keeper or upgrade to a PREMIUM Zoologist Subscription

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Limited Keeper Account:

  • Access to all of the educational activities
  • Some of the animals for your zoo
  • Some of the Arcade games
  • Basic reports telling you how you are going
  • Limited play out of school hours

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Upgrade to a PREMIUM Zoologist Subscription:

  • More cool animals for your zoo
  • Endangered animals for your zoo
  • More Arcade games
  • Detailed Dynamic Reports that show you how your work is going and where you need help
  • Unlimited play out of school hours