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Information for Parents

Your Child’s Safety

ZooWhiz is a completely safe, cyber-bully free, online environment.

At ZooWhiz we are committed to your child’s online safety and working in partnership with you to ensure the very best outcomes for them.

  • Kids can create their own FREE Keeper Accounts but before ZooWhiz can be used in your home you will need to give your authorisation
  • ZooWhiz limits the display of personal information to protect the child’s identity
  • When ZooWhiz is used in a school, teachers can choose to use as little as one letter in the child’s surname field thus concealing the identity of the children
  • Children are unable to communicate with each other or with adults via ZooWhiz, rendering it impossible for inappropriate communications to occur
  • Automatically creates user names and passwords, completely eliminating the possibility of anyone entering inappropriate words that can be displayed on the child’s computer screen
  • No Google adds, no third party advertising banners, no ability for outside parties to display material on your child’s computer screen
  • Sign Ins for children can be set to remember the User Name but not the Password making it difficult for others to sign in to a child’s account by mistake